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Real data for better decisions

Cattle Performance

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Use livestock technology to monitor and improve your cattle performance on a day-to-day basis with charted weights and metrics.

An iMac displays the daily feed report data chart to show how livestock technology is leveraged into actionable data.

Real-Time charted data

Continuously monitor cattle performance and weights while predicting optimal endpoints with metrics such as:

With these in hand, you’ll be able to leverage real data to make better actionable decisions.

Visualize outliers

You may have a general idea of average pen weights, but it’s nearly impossible to know how many outlying heavy or lightweight cattle you have.

Using the same livestock technology as the Bunk Management System, PLT Performance Management gives you the information you need to lock-in the returns you expect.

Feedlot full of cattle with camera view overlay framing each individual animal to display how livestock technology uses artificial intelligence to create a data point every animal.

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