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ai-powered bunk management

Don’t rely on periodic assessments of bunk conditions and cattle behavior. Use artificial intelligence to continuously monitor your pens and recommend feeding strategies to guarantee you minimize errors and drive higher profits.

automated feed calling

Take advantage of advance artificial intelligence to drive higher profits and reduce the errors and costly overfeeds.

Advanced features include:

  • Recommendations “tuned” to match feeding style
  • Use of hundreds of data points over five days, including weather, behavior, slick times and bunk levels
  • Predictions include insights into the factors driving each recommendation
Screenshot of the bunk management system software comparing line graphs of feed aggression across multiple bunks

Powerful analytics

Developed in cooperation with commercial feedyards, the PLT Bunk Management System accommodates any feeding program or philosophy.

The analytics package allows you to objectively monitor the variables that are key to your specific program. You can quickly spot outliers and correct deviations to increase quality and drive profitability.

Customized Alert System

Configurable alerts will automatically tell you when a pen is heading off course according to your established parameters.

Set alerts for problem areas like:

  • If bunks are emptying before the second feeding on starter rations
  • If night slicks are dropping on finish rations

Create parameters based on bunk or ration to automatically capture the exact events that are critical to your operation.

Screenshot of the setup screen for the bunk management alert system asking th user to select the type of alert they would like to create.

Run the numbers on our profit calculator.

Convenient Dashboard interface

Our easy to use software provides pen-level detail with objective information to keep your cattle on track for gaining and production.

Every bunk system captures both actionable summary data and a minute-by-minute history on bunk levels and feeding behavior while operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Benefits of the bunk management system

Conserve labor

Elimination of manual bunk reading, potential for automated feed calling

Improve intake

Precision management achieves higher weights and better conversion for the same days on feed

Reduce defects

Back up your decisions with hard data to eliminate the potential for errors

Ready to get started?

Schedule a call with one of our sales representatives to get a customized quote and product plan. We charge per-unit, per-month, with no up-front fees. Installation support, maintenance, and upgrades are included.